Sublimating Coin Banks Using a Mug Press

Instruction Details

400°F / 204.44°C
4.5-5 minutes
Medium to Heavy
PB01W (Part numbers may vary by distributor)

Additional Items Needed

Heat Press Method Instructions

USA Mugs: 11 oz. = 3.5 minutes; 15 oz. = 4 minutes
4.5-5 Minutes in a press for Coin banks, 10 oz. and 11 oz. Mugs
(10oz. ceramic mug will not image all the way to the top,
Glass mugs will image top to bottom with no extra time or accessories).
Use heavy pressure for Swirl Mugs, place transfer tightly.
11 oz. = 5 minutes; 15 oz. = 6 minutes
5.5-6 minutes for 15 oz. mugs.
8 Minutes for top to bottom on ceramic mugs.
8 Minutes for Glass Mugs
1. Print the transfer. Note that the typical imaging area is 1.25” in from the handle and .25” from the top and bottom sides of the mug. Beyond that, follow our directions for top to bottom transfers.

2. Trim the transfer to just over the size of the mug.

3. Lightly mist transfer with adhesive spray and let dry 15-20 seconds.

4. Carefully place the transfer on the mug, smooth wrinkles. Wrap the mug with protective plain white paper. Do not allow paper to extend well above or below the top and bottom of mug. This part of the paper may wrinkle and the wrinkles will imprint onto the mug. But DO cover the entire mug with plain paper or you may “caramelize” the coating and it will turn brown or yellow. To imprint closely to handle, use the green pad, wrap loosely at the handle bulge, this will allow more complete imaging.

5) Press with Temp/Time/Pressure settings listed above.

6. Use a fan to cool ceramic mugs or the Kool Plate. Do not dunk mugs in water.

7. Remove any paper residue with a soft wet cloth or dish sponge.

Notes on the George Knight® DK3 Mug Press
The mug being pressed must be placed with the handle exactly in the middle of the opening, otherwise, the squeezing motions will snap off the handle when the mug is clamped.
• Only what the mug press pad covers will sublimate. Also, if you try to image on or below the bottom of the mug and the mug is tapered, it may not sublimate correctly.
• The black mug with the white imaging panel has a tolerance of plus or minus 1/8”. It is very important to keep this in mind when making your designs for this particular mug.
To do a perfect mug with imaging as far as possible to the top-to-bottom and around to the handle:
You will need:
1. Adhesive Spray
2. 1/16" green rubber pad @ 9-3/8" x 4-1/8".
3. Geo Knight press extender. You can tell if the press has the extender if the threads on the tightening mechanism are silver instead of black. This technique will allow full top-to-bottom transfer and 1/4" imaging from the handle.


Heat Press Pressure Cheat Sheet

Press Dial Level
Average Human Resistance Felt
Contact Pressure
10-15 psi
1 on press dial
Where the platen just makes physical contact with product
Light Pressure
20 psi
2 on press dial
Resistant with one arm pressing down, easy with two arms
Medium Pressure
40-60 psi
3-5 on press dial
Resistant with two arms pressing down, doesn't require usage of shoulders
Heavy Pressure
80 psi
6 and up on dial
Very resistant with two arms pressing down, requires lifting of elbows and shoulders to lock in place

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