Sublimation Tips and Tricks - How-To: Waste Ink Collector Unit

By Jeff Butler | Published on June 6, 2024

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How to Replace the Waste Ink Collector in Sawgrass SG400, SG500, SG800, and SG1000 Printers

Optimizing and maintaining your Sawgrass Virtuoso printer's efficiency involves regularly managing the waste ink collector, a crucial component for models SG400, SG500, SG800, and SG1000.

This guide will expand on the necessary steps to ensure your prints remain vibrant and your printer functions reliably.

Importance of the Waste Ink Collector

The waste ink collector in Sawgrass Virtuoso printers serves an essential role by capturing excess ink during print jobs. This process helps maintain the printer's efficiency and ensures the quality of your prints remains high. It is advised to replace the waste ink collector after approximately 27,000 prints to preserve the clarity and vibrancy of your prints and to uphold your printer’s reliability.

Monitoring Waste Ink Levels

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Regular checks on the waste ink levels are vital. You can determine the current ink level by observing the indicator icon located above the waste ink full alert on your printer’s display. If the display reads “Ink Collector Almost Full,” it’s time to prepare for a replacement by having a new ink collector unit ready. Should the message “Ink Collector Unit Full/Replace Ink Collector Unit” appear, immediate replacement is necessary.

Steps to Replace the Waste Ink Collector

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Follow these detailed steps to ensure a smooth replacement process for your Sawgrass printer:

Remove the Old Ink Collector:

  1. Open the right front cover of the printer.
  2. Wait for about five seconds to stabilize the internal mechanism.
  3. Locate the full ink collector unit; press the area marked "PUSH" and gently slide it out horizontally.

Prepare the New Ink Collector:

  1. Unbox the new ink collector unit.
  2. Before installing, place the old unit into the plastic bag provided to avoid any spillage.
  3. Carefully align and insert the new collector into its slot, sliding it until you hear a click indicating secure placement.

Finalizing Installation:

  1. Close the right front cover of the printer securely.
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Troubleshooting: New Ink Collector Not Recognized

Occasionally, after installing a new ink collector, the printer might still display incorrect ink levels. If this happens, follow these troubleshooting steps:

Reset the Printer:

  1. Remove the newly installed ink collector.
  2. Power off the printer, wait for a few moments, then power it on again.
  3. Once the printer has rebooted, reinsert the ink collector unit.

Following these steps not only helps in maintaining your Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400/SG500/SG800/SG1000 printers but also ensures optimal performance and exceptional print quality. Regular maintenance like this is key to the longevity and reliability of your printing equipment.

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