ChromaLuxe Hinged Panels Sublimation Instructions

Instruction Details

400°F / 204.44°C
45-75 seconds
20 seconds
(Part numbers may vary by distributor)

Additional Items Needed

Heat Press Method Instructions

ChromaLuxe Hinged Panels Instructions


45-75 seconds

Medium; PSI for Automatic Presses: 40

Heat Tape, Adhesive Spray, Teflon Sheet

TexPrint or DyeTrans

Unisub products

5X7, 6X6, 2 7/8 X 5 1/4, 3.5 X 5...45 Seconds

8X10................................................60 Seconds

10X10, 11.6 X 11.6........................75 Seconds

9X18, 11X14..................................1 Minute 30 Seconds

16x20..............................................1 Minute, 45 Seconds

If you want to sublimate a larger piece, consult with Condé's Wide Format Specialist, Micky Unsworth at 800-826-6332 x201

1. Cover the press with a protective sheet of paper.

2. Remove the peel coat film from the hardboard, if it is present (some have it, some do not).

3. Place the hardboard face down on the protective sheet and cover with another sheet of paper. If the panel has an easel, you will need a piece of .5" felt, lay this down on the press and lay the panel face up onto the felt, cover with protective paper. Use this felt when pressing also.

4. Prepress for 20 seconds, remove the hardboard from the press, place face-up on a Cool Plate covered with protective paper.

5) Place a protective sheet of paper on top of the hardboard and cover with (at least) a 5 lb. weight and allow to cool fully. After cooling, dry any remaining moisture on the hardboard with an absorbent paper towel.

6. Product presses face-up with image face down and should be affixed using heat tape or Adhesive Spray. Ensure the transfer does not buckle around the edges. Also, any portion of heat tape touching the image will inhibit image transfer in that area and will communicate an impression of the tape in that area.

7. Place the face-up hardboard onto the protective paper (as it remains covered with polypoplin fabric (PP7813.).

8. Cover the back of the transfer with protective paper.

9. Press & repeat the cooling procedure as in number 6.

ChromaLuxe Tips:

1. Remove protective film. Tip: Placing the panel under a heat press for 3 to 5 seconds will make the film easier to remove.

2. Position all hinges shiny side face up. Tip: Items can be pressed separately or hinged together.

3. Inserting the Hinges: Insert one hinge into the top slot. Repeat the process for the bottom slot. Be sure to push the hinges into the slotted areas completely straight. When attaching the 2nd panel, align the hinges with the slots and push the parts together.

4. Special care must be taken when storing or packaging finished sublimated products. If sublimated pieces are placed in direct contact with other sublimated materials or with any type of synthetic material, the inks will migrate from the sublimated piece to the synthetic material over time.

Do not stack-finished pieces face-to-face, either hot or cool. Do not wrap finished pieces in shrink-wrap or place them in plastic bags for shipping. We recommend that you use a paper sheet between stacked items, or wrap pieces in paper for shipping.

Click here for a Tip Sheet for the Hinges.

NOTE: Please remember to always press mounting blocks firmly onto the photo panel and wait a minimum of 10-15 minutes before it is hung on the wall. The longer it is adhered to the panel before it is hung, the stronger it becomes.

NOTE: To keep from damaging the easel, cut a mousepad that will fit under the plaque but has a cut out for the easel.
You will need MP89 or similiar mousepad.


Heat Press Pressure Cheat Sheet

Press Dial Level
Average Human Resistance Felt
Contact Pressure
10-15 psi
1 on press dial
Where the platen just makes physical contact with product
Light Pressure
20 psi
2 on press dial
Resistant with one arm pressing down, easy with two arms
Medium Pressure
40-60 psi
3-5 on press dial
Resistant with two arms pressing down, doesn't require usage of shoulders
Heavy Pressure
80 psi
6 and up on dial
Very resistant with two arms pressing down, requires lifting of elbows and shoulders to lock in place

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