DK20S - The Best Professional Heat Press for Sublimation?

By Jeff Butler | Published on May 24, 2024

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The Most Popular 16 x 20 Heat Press Machine in the Industry

I have a 50 year old Sears Craftsman 5hp 12" table saw in my shop that I purchased years ago at an industrial sale. It's an absolute beast of a machine and after 50 years of duty in a high-volume cabinet shop, it ended up in mine for a mere $400. It cuts up to 5" raw wood beams like butter.

I love tools like that. Just like I love my George Knight DK20S heat press that shares a space in my shop opposite that old tank of a table saw. I have a suspicion that in 30-40 years, someone else may end up with my DK20S in their shop. And I bet it will still work like it does now for me.

That's because DK20S heat presses are built the same way as that old saw - to last.

DK20S Professional Heat Press

The Digital Knight DK20S is the flagship 16x20 swing-away heat transfer press from Geo Knight & Co. Established in 1885, Geo Knight & Co Inc has manufactured industrial press machinery and die cutting equipment for over a century. For the past 4+ decades, they have specialized in heat transfer press equipment for both commercial, private and industrial use.

The DK20S heat press machine combines a heavy-duty solid steel industrial grade pressing framework with accurate and easy to use electronics to provide the operator with the best possible features and equipment needed for today's various heat transfer applications.

This press is the most popular 16x20 machine in the industry. It is world-renowned as the top-end, robust-workhorse of all swing away heat presses. There is also a Jumbo sized 20x25 heat platen version of this press, the DK25S. An air-operated automatic version is also available: the DK20SP.

Geo Knight DK20S Features


  • All-Thread™ table loading design
  • Fully digital temperature control 32°-600°F range
  • Automatic digital timer & dual pre-press timer
  • Digital Pressure Bar Graph
  • 70 Programmable presets
  • Solid steel welded framework
  • Instantly interchangeable & rotatable tables
  • SuperCoil-Microwinding™heater technology
  • Accommodates materials up to 2" thick
  • Temperature readout accuracy +-2°F - can show °C or °F
  • User selectable end-of-cycle alarms
  • Records number of pressing cycles done
  • Teflon-coated 3/4" thick heat platen

DK20S Specs and Warranty


  • FREE LIFETIME Tech Support!
  • Lifetime warranty on heat platen
  • 5-year warranty on frame
  • 3-year warranty on controller
  • 1 year warranty on parts

DK20S Specs

  • Weight: 200 Lbs
  • Electrical: 1800W / 15A / 120V
  • Shipping Dims: 40"D x 18"W x 16"H
  • (add $35 for 220V international)

Is the DK20S a sublimation heat press machine?

The DK20S is a sublimation heat press machine. The swing-away design makes it ideal for sublimation by allowing the operator full access to the pressing table with a swing of the handle.

The heat platen uses SuperCoil-Microwinding heater technology, a system of embedded heater windings that wind tightly and closely together throughout the entire platen for extremely even heat, fast recovery & fast heat up times.

What it takes to be a sublimation press:

  • Top "swings-away" for full access to pressing table
  • Even pressure across all 4 corners
  • Consistent heat across all 4 corners
  • Digital controls and timer
  • Solid steel construction designed for heavy use

Check the specs and the DK20S checks all the boxes.

Sublimation transfers require anywhere from 375° to 425° F and demand serious force in pressing often from 40-80 psi. With a DK20S you know you're going to get consistent heat and consistent pressure every single time.

Heat Press Pressure Cheat Sheet
Read more: Heat Press Pressure Cheat Sheet

Made in USA Heat Press

George Knight Heat Presses have been the backbone of literally thousands upon thousands of sublimation and heat transfer businesses over the past four decades, providing a reliable workhorse of a product that stands up to the demands of any imprinting business. Proudly made in the USA and used globally by professionals across many facets of the industry of heat press applied technologies. The DK20S Sing-Away press will faithfully serve your business for many many years and beyond.

All this talk about it, I may go out to the shop and press a few shirts now. I know I'll get consistent results on every one I press. And it's not as loud and dusty as my old table saw.

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